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The love for sheep has brought Tom and Steffi together and a few years ago led us to this magical place. We woke the abandoned croft from its beauty sleep and filled its empty fields once again with animals and life. Sitting on top of a hill and overlooking some magnificent scenery, it is the perfect place for a holiday if you're looking to take the speed out of your busy daily life, immerse yourself in some beautiful nature and reconnect with Mother Earth.


Explore the stunning surroundings, stroll along the beaches, visit Dunrobin castle or the Glenmorangie Distillery, watch the salmon jump up waterfalls or spend the day hiking in the hills. Or why not experience the actual croft-life and get involved with our work on the farm? Find out first-hand what it feels like to shear a sheep, bottle-feed the pet lambs and watch the sheepdog in action. Make your visit to the Scottish Highlands a unique experience and try your hand at old skills that our fast-pace modern lifestyle has all but forgotten about. Join us on a guided croft tour and get to meet our animals.

We also take great pride in producing beef, pork, mutton, lamb and eggs from our free-range animals, who live on our Highland pastures all year round. By having only a small number of livestock, we can guarantee the welfare of our animals, who live a content and fulfilled life in their natural environment. This leads to the flavour of our meat and eggs to be delicious in taste and outstanding in quality. Try some of our croft produce to find out for yourself, from Christmas roasts to burgers for your summer BBQ.

Our passion for animal husbandry and living with and off the land has inspired us to welcome visitors to our place and we invite you to share our lifestyle with us to get a deeper understanding in working the land, small-scale food-production and the ups and downs of what many perceive to be the "good life".


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Croft Produce

All our animals are freerange and produce the most wonderful beef, pork, mutton and lamb. Eggs from our rare breed chickens, hand-tanned sheepskins and decorated bones are also available. 

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The difference between visiting and experiencing: We invite you to meet our friendly animals, enjoy spending time with them and hear stories about the nature and history that surrounds us along the way.

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