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We are a Scottish / German family of five, passionate about the beautiful place where we live and small-scale farming. The croft is our life, our work and our hobby. Ethical animal-husbandry and maintaining the unique landscape we live in is close to our hearts. We love sharing our beautiful croft with people who want to reconnect with their roots, get back to nature, experience life on a working farm and reunite body, mind and soul.


A croft is a traditional small farm, unique to the Scottish Highlands. Located in the hills of Sutherland and overlooking the river Brora, we are only a few miles from the sea. We proudly rear our own beef, pork, mutton and lamb on 100 acres of mixed terrain, from an ancient birchwood to rough hillground. 

Our place is home to 80 breeding ewes, a herd of four cows and pigs as well as a flock of assorted rare-breed chickens, three miniature Shetland ponies, a horse, four cats, two working collie dog and a pug. Our livestock breeds are mainly native with Cheviots and Shetlands making up our sheep flock (and some Icelandic and Gotland sheep thrown in for good measure), while our cattle are Shorthorn-Highland crosses. We find these breeds are best adapted to the local climate and condition of the land, which can both be challenging at times.

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