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The croft and its surroundings offer endless opportunities to burn some steam, breathe in fresh Highland air, get close up with croft animals and sample local history and culture. Whether you're looking for some breathtaking scenery, getting up close and personal with a variety of farm animals or looking to delve into the ancient history of the area - Our croft is the place for you.

We give you the unique opportunity to interact with our animals and have a feel of what it's like to live on a remote croft in the Scottish Highlands. We are not a petting zoo, but a working farm and have loved sharing our beautiful open-air office, including our woolly, hairy and feathery friends, with vistitors from all over the world for many years. While you're in the area, don't miss the many other exciting opportunities that the North has to offer!


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Unwind             Indulge             Explore

Have you ever been to paradise? This is as close as you'll ever get. Stunning views, unspoilt nature and crisp Highland air will lift your heart 

Take home some home-grown meat, a hand-tanned sheepskin, some raw wool or decorated bones as a special souvenir from the croft

Relax, discover and get active on your holiday. Get up-close to the animals and learn about crofting and explore the Highlands around us.

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