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Feather 4

Join us for a guided walking tour on the croft: Between spring and autumn we invite you to come along for a tour to meet all the animals and experience our beautiful croft, followed by a home-cooked lunch. The walking part of our tour takes about 2 hours during which I will introduce you to our sheep, the cows, pigs, ponies and chickens. My collie dog Salomé and I will have a working sheep dog demonstration in store for you, too.

There will be plenty of animal-cuddles and pony brushing while I give you an insight into working the land in such a remote, harsh area and what brought us to this beautiful place. I will also provide some historic context, from the beginning of farming in the area in the Neolithic to the infamous Highland Clearances of the 19th century.


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Feather 4

Depending on availability, you can collect your own fresh egg from the chickens at the end of our tour. Afterwards, join us in the house for home-made soup and bred (often from our garden produce), followed by a hot cuppa and some homebaked scones and shortbread while I answer all your questions about crofting and our animals that I haven't answered yet.

The tours take place every Wednesday and Saturday between 10am and 2pm and are suitable for all ages. A sturdy pram can be taken along. Please remember to come prepared for all weathers as we might easily experience four seasons in one day. Bring appropriate footwear like hiking or wellie boots, wind- and waterproof clothing, sunscreen, sunnies, a hat and don't forget your midgie repellent!

You can book your croft tour here

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